Our aim is to provide top-notch services to our clients, whether helping them in consultancy or mentoring to boost their startup growth.


It takes time to learn about new technologies and their benefits. We provide bespoke education to help you make the decisions which suit your business and your future.


We understand beyond the hype of new technologies as "shiny toys", and the practical aspects of implementation and keeping your business running.

Our Concept

Ikinique was created because we believe in a focus on clients, human values and that business needs technologies that make sense. Blockchains, AI, IoT and Big Data are ineffective unless they can be securely integrated in real business ecosystems. Our objective is to help you with those new technologies in a cost effective manner. 


Leading the concept and building for the long run
Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson

Founder / CEO
Raja CSP

Raja CSP

Business Development

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